Components of a website

Creating a website and making it potentially profitable and reachable is a tedious task and requires a specific skill set. Those who are in the field are known as website developers or designers. For a layman, both terms are often used interchangeably, but for professionals, there is a slight difference between the two processes. Website designing is all the front-end work that makes a website look appealing to the end user, while website development is a back-end process that ensures that the designed website functions in an exact manner as it is intended to work.

What is a website and what are its components

A website is a representation of a business or a product which makes online presence effective. To get details of a company or a service, one just needs to look for the website. It includes relevant content related to products, vision, mission, services, contact details and details about the company. A well-structured website reduces the effort of a consumer to physically contact the company. You can avail the services while sitting at the comfort of the home. There are many aspects of a website that a designer or a developer needs to consider while performing the task.

  • Navigation – A website must be easily navigable so that one can easily jump from one page to the next without any kind of lag
  • Headers of a website
  • Titles of a website
  • Website content which is the most important and inevitable part of a website
  • Graphical content which includes images and videos which are relevant to the content
  • Another important part of a website is buttons and clickable icons that navigates to other pages or section

Merely creating a website is not enough when getting clients is highly relevant to the running of the business. In such scenarios, technique of SEO plays a vital role. Read further to know more about SEO in Connaught Place and other places.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique or algorithm that enhances a website’s visibility to make it appear in the top search results of the organic results of a search engine. Search engine giants like Google utilises this algorithm to list the results as per the user input or keywords. SEO in Delhi and similar companies provide reliable and trustworthy SEO Services in Civil Lines, which is one of the commercial regions in Delhi. An SEO professional needs to possess a specific skillset to deliver the given task. Every professional delivering SEO in Rana Pratap Bagh needs to possess skills like:

  • Thinking calibre which means one should possess an intellectual mind to be in the field
  • You must be able to analyse the pattern like user keywords, search engine results and accordingly detect primary, secondary keywords
  • For all web related services, a programmer must have programming and technical skills
  • One needs to possess data skills to analyse the keyword density and related concepts

These are many other specific skills that one must possess to be SEO expert and these can be learnt with practise and experience.